Gathering Theme Party Ideas

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The most funny and creative part of a party is gathering theme party ideas. Firstly, concentrate on the general theme, which should go with your occasion of celebration, and try to create a unique theme from it. Take into consideration what the guest of honor would like and not be offended by, because he or she is the star of the party. If the party is for a birthday, is it an adult or will it be a child's birthday party. The themes will obviously be different depending on the age and the likes and dislikes of the guest of honor. This also goes for a retirement party, an office party, or a surprise party, be sure to keep in mind what the guest of honor would enjoy and appreciate.


There are many pre-made party themes that you can use straight out of the box, but if you want to create something truly original and creative, take a basic theme idea and then add on to it with your own unique ideas. For example, if your theme party ideas include a luau theme or beach party theme, be creative and make unique invitations, decorations, favors, and even activities that build on the basic theme you've chosen. After completing your invitations, send them out about a month in advance so that your guests can make arrangements to come to the party and also ask for their reply so you will know who is or is not attending the party.


Your invitation should match the theme that the party is going to be centered around. Your guests will be excited to see all of the work you have put into making such a creative invitation, just wait until the party, your party will surely be a success. Your invitation should be the motivating factor and if done creatively, it will entice everyone to come to the party. If certain things are required of your guests, like costumes, or if it's a surprise party, be sure to let them know on the invitation so they will be prepared.


Movies are good theme party ideas because they provide that good conversations with guests. If your party is a costume party, ask your guests to dress like a character from the movie that the theme party idea is centered around. Karaoke is always fun at any party, and if your theme allows it, you could play songs that go with your theme and your guests will be glad to sing a long because they are in the mood. You have set the stage with your theme party ideas and now your guests feel like they have escaped reality and are in some kind of fantasy world because of your creative theme for the party.


Balloons are great decorative items and generally go with any theme you may choose. Simply coordinate the colors of the balloons, and magically, with balloons alone, it creates a party atmosphere. There's something about balloons that make people feel like it's a party.


Plan activities like games and karaoke so your guests will have something to do. Having more activities than you have time for is always better than not having enough activities to keep your guests entertained. The length of your party will depend on the type of party it is. Parties usually range from two to four hours, and if it is a full four hours, consider providing space for your guests to dance or at least get up from one area and move around. Four hours in one chair or in a small space may be a bit uncomfortable, so plan your activities based on the length of time for the party and also the space where the party is going to be held.


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Gathering Theme Party Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/03/24